Jed Record - Social Media Trainer

Many companies today struggle with social media. Often organizations suffer from a lack of resources and under-trained personnel or simply lack of understanding about social media in general. For most firms, repeatable successes on social media have been few and far between. What are these firms missing? What separates companies who succeed using social media from those who struggle? Ultimately the answer lies in being able to connect social media activities directly with business objectives. This is the only way it becomes possible to measure success and therefore, direct the right resources to the activities that are moving the needle for your business.

Jed helps people and companies learn how to:

Choose the right objectives and strategies for success using social media

Select the appropriate channels and tactics to meet their objectives

Workshops can be customized for your organization and include topics like:
Social Media Manager Training
How to develop your social selling Process
Transform your recruiting process with social media
Creating a culture of employee advocacy

To contact Jed regarding a training engagement email him at: