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How Lenovo is Simplifying AI Development

A few weeks ago a friend of mine asked me: “What do you do with AI at Lenovo?”  Well, the truth is a lot of things but one of the more exciting projects we’ve been working on is a machine learning platform for the enterprise and HPC (High Performance Computing, also known as supercomputing). This […]

Love On!

I was thrilled this morning to show up for work and find Lenovo had “changed” names for the day to Love On. Today’s event was to announce a charitable and philanthropic arm of the company called the Lenovo Foundation. I’m really excited about it because I believe it’s important the companies we work for act responsibly and […]

Mutual Leadership

Mutual Leadership

How Mutual Leadership Helps High Performing Teams Avoid Meetings & Increase Productivity Note: This is a guest post I wrote for the PureMatter blog. You can find the original post here. Have you ever been part of a team that had to have a meeting to discuss the merits of every decision on a project? […]

Finding the Right Words to Describe Your Product

Sometimes creating a great product or service is only half the battle. How will you get people interested in trying or buying what you’ve made? Communicating the value of your product or service is the critical next step in building a successful business. This is often a topic in my newsletter which you can subscribe […]

Beyond Monetary Compensation, What Do Employees Really Crave?

All successful organizations rely on the performance of their employees. Whether you are a manufacturer, service business or not-for-profit, it’s your employees who make the difference in achieving organizational success. However, many companies fail to keep their employees engaged in their jobs, leading to low productivity and increased turnover. Is it really that important to […]

Mario Armstrong

Reimagining Perspectives: Identifying Gaps that Revolutionize Industries

As part of their Outside the Box sponsorship, Capital One hosted a live video event last week called “Reimagining Perspectives: Identifying Gaps that Revolutionize Industries”. This was the first live panel innovation discussion at OTB in Boston, which is primarily an event focused on the arts. This year however, OTB has included innovation as a […]